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Tips and tricks for using Notation Software products Learn (and share) tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Notation Software products.

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Old 06-09-2014, 02:39 PM
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Default Sneaky trick to have two pages open at the same time

Hi friends,

I use Notation Composer a lot myself for practicing (I love playing "with the band" and muting the bass part so it's me playing the bass line.) I also sometimes just want to use Composer to display a sheet that I've made, and still keep the flexibility to change the key if necessary (eg. when accompanying someone who may need the song in a different singing key). However, if there are two pages to a song, then I have to "flip" the page even when the file is not playing. To do this, I often use a cool little "Footime" pedal (you can also use the "Pitch to command" feature) but I've also got another little trick to display two pages at a time without having to turn the page (there is a "wish list" item to have the program display multiple pages at a time - this is just a workaround til then). For my monitor this works well (it's pretty large) but it also only works for two pages (which is what I try to limit my bass scores to anyway.)

I open the file in Composer, set it to Page view and Page 1, and make the Composer screen the size of the left half of my monitor. I then use the free Notation Player to open the same .not file and then set it to half-monitor size on the right hand side (with Win 7 or 8 you can do this by dragging the program window to either side of the screen til it "snaps" to that side). I then set the Player window to Page View and Page 2. I make any adjustments to the Zoom so that I can see all the score (with Composer I sometimes move the tool bar around to make that easier.)

Now I have the two pages of the score visible and don't have to worry about flipping the page. This is handy in performance situations where I'm just using the score as a paperless version.

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