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Old 08-09-2008, 04:51 AM
M G Jacobs (mgj32)
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Default I added the third movement of

I added the third movement of the first piano concerto to Soundclick. But the first movement exceeds their megabyte limit. So I put all three movements on ZShare, so that it can be listened to straight through or downloaded. One advantage is that I was able to regulate the silence between movements, which I want much longer between 1 and 2 and quite short between 2 and 3. A second advantage is that the sound quality should be somewhat better. Soundclick requires mp3 at 128 kbits per sec, whereas at ZShare one has many choices, including .wav. I chose 192 Kbits per sec. to raise the sound quality while keeping download time reasonable.

NOTES: First Movement, Moderato. I debated whether to keep the brass band introduction for more than a couple of years, but finally decided that it is a good lead-in to what follows. What follows is the main theme of the movement, which is based on "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." My favorite development of this theme starts where everything slows way down and the piano, joined in a moment by the horn, then oboe, then clarinet, then trumpet and finally the flute, play the theme backwards.

Espressivo. The second movement's first theme is "When You Were Sweet Sixteen." There is only once when a complete verse is heard, I think. The rest concentrates on melodies that go with certain words quite meaningful to me. I understand that this song was quite popular around the turn of the century (the last one), but I never heard it until perhaps the 1970s. Such is the fate of popular songs.

The middle part of the second movement is based on the flute's accompaniment to the backward section of the main theme in the first movement.

Allegro energico. The third movement is sort of a romp in 2/4 time, in which four themes are used in a modified rondo format.

The link is:

This will take you to a media player which will start in a few seconds. I have not seen any advertisements on this page during listening.

Be aware that ZShare is an ad supported site. While the ads keep the site free, when you click 'download this file,' you will get an advertisement. I have always clicked "Skip this ad" which is in the upper right corner, so I have never really seen one of the ads, which probably change regularly. There is always the chance, however, that someone might find an ad there that they consider offensive.

There are alternatives to downloading for anyone who doesn't want to take a chance on seeing, even briefly, an offensive advertisement. One is to simply make a recording as the piece plays. If you have a program that will record .wav files or 'what u hear,' simply set that up and start it before the playback starts. (There are a number of free programs that will record from the internet, one of the more popular being Audacity, which is free).

It is possible to download and listen at the same time. You have to hit the 'download this file' button, then wait for a ten second countdown until you see 'click HERE to start the download. Once that's done you can then hit the back button to the play page and listen as the download occurs. Even on a slow connection, the download should be finished before the playing completes.

After four--or has it been five--years of working at this, I can call it finished now.
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