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Default Re: Vika Yermolyeva supports Notation Software

Originally Posted by rrayner View Post
Hi Reinhold,

I know it is not your job to teach your respondents how to use the internet, but I don't understand what "configuring the browser through a German proxy" means.
This is really something for experienced users. Btw. there is a very nice explanation about a proxy on Wikipedia. Please see here.

Originally Posted by rrayner View Post
I went to the link, and I don't see anything on that page that would take me to your "Hotel California" link. I wouldn't waste your time by raising this point, except I figure I wouldn't be the only one to not understand your directions, but please, this is not a high priority.

Ralph Rayner
My comment to go with a German proxy should be just for those who are very familar with doing things like that and would like to absolutely listen to Vika's great arrangement of "Hotel California" for piano.

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