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M G Jacobs (mgj32)
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Default Hi Sherry, Sherry's rig

Hi Sherry,

Sherry's right folks. Changing the key signature will not change already entered tones, though it probably will change the way they are spelled. I you enter an F with a C signature, it will notate as an F. If you then change the key signature to G, it will be notated as an F natural. However, subsequent Fs that you enter will sound as F#.

But I was talking about before I entered a note. I still had the first movement of the concerto open and was playing with the idea for the second movement in empty measures at the end of that. I had tried the first couple or three measures there, starting on both B and A. So I actually changed back and forth a couple of times in the new file before entering that first note there.

I guess I neglected to say key signature in the last paragraph, which I should have. The first chord is a D chord, but if one wants that changed to an E chord, it would be necessary to transpose the notes up a full tone.

all best,
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