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M G Jacobs (mgj32)
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Default Hi Mark, Here is a very sma

Hi Mark,

Here is a very small file which may prove interesting, mostly because the quirks I will describe were present from the attempted sharping with "ss" of the second A in the second measure.

I set this up using the New File dialog--piano + clarinet, or flute perhaps; E Major; 4/4. I switched a couple of times between E and D Major, the first time before I entered a note; I used the Add Key Signature button; erased that; then used the Change Key Signature button. Otherwise I entered notes, and made multiple changes, using Shift + left or right arrow; D + left or right arrow; delete, then re-enter.

Along the way, these things happened:

"Ss" on the second A raised the note a minor third, to C natural. This result was true on a most of the time basis throughout. "#" produced the same result.

Keypad + or - raised or lowered a note by an octave, though Shift was not pressed and CAPS not locked on. (I found out that Shift had become sticky and a toggle: hit it if the + was raising the note an octave, and it would revert to raising it a half tone. Hit it again, and the octave rise returned. Etc.

Somewhere along the line, the third measure wound up with 4 1/2 beats.

"F" did what "ss" should; that is, sharped the selected note. "B" gave the same result.

Finally, since the problems were unique to this file (although I haven't worked with many files in this beta), I started over. I setup the new file in the same way, except that I had decided on D Major, so made no changes there. But all of the above quirks were absent and things worked as they should.

Since I may not be the only one to start something and make a lot of changes, perhaps you might find something in the file that was the spark and add a warning or something to HELP. If I hadn't started fresh, I would have been, to borrow a phrase from W.C. Williams, drunk and asleep in my boots. Or carted off to Bedlam.

My guess is that the whacky behaviour of "ss", the keypad keys and "F" must have something to do with indecision about key signature, because the only real difference when I started over was that I had settled on the key I wanted.

all best,

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