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Sherry Crann (sherry)
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Default Howdy MG, You said: I can&

Howdy MG,

You said:
I can't get those popups at all, not even in select mode. I also noticed that the "qsv" command does nothing. The "qs" shows up in the bottom info bar, but the "s" is a no show. Clicking on the Loudness button seems the only way to get the red line indicators, but no popup no matter what I do.

Sherry replies:

I just tried Mark's suggestion:

1. Click the _tab_ (not just the button) for whichever data you want to see and edit (Note Velocity for velocities, Piano roll for attacks/durations)

2. In Select Mode, I'm seeing the little popup data thingies just fine. I don't see them if I'm in "Add Mode".

If you just click the _menu button_ for Note Velocities, or Piano Roll, you don't see them, because you're not in the right place to edit them. At least I think that's the theory here

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