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Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Hello Daniel and M.G., It i

Hello Daniel and M.G.,

It is definitely a bug, not a feature, that right-click brings up the Show Playlist prompt. I'll fix that.

Daniel, which version (1.9.10, 1.9.10A or 1.9.10B) are you having trouble with copy/paste? If it's a version earlier to 1.9.10B, please try updating to 1.9.10B at, even though there is only some chance that might fix the problem.

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(Daniel) Also, when pasting, it sometimes doesnt paste, instead changing the "pasted measures" to treble clef and signature to C major.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>I'd appreciate an example of that. Could you send me a "start here" .not file, and tell me what staff/measures to copy and paste to where?

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(MG)Then there are popups that are helpful like the vel=xx when the mouse pointer is over a note, which disappeared somewhere along the way.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>I see some awkward behavior there also. When you go to the Loudness Palette, you have to switch to Select Mode to see the vel=xx info over notes. I'll try to improve this behavior.

Thanks for your reports. Sorry for my delay getting back to you, MG.

-- Mark

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