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M G Jacobs (mgj32)
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Default Hi Mark, Entering accidenta

Hi Mark,

Entering accidentals on a staff with a transposing instrument is a bit of a chore. I've noticed this before, but happened to be working steadily with such a staff--thus "chore."

The key is G. The instrument the double basses. Enter an A4 (which will sound as an A3). Now make it Ab4. Presto: you have an Ab5. If you want the sounded note to be Ab3, you have to move it down from Ab5 to Ab4, at which point it becomes a G#4; so you have to do E + up arrow.

I think I understand why the extra work--when you enter the accidental, Composer thinks you want that to be the sounded note, so helps out by bumping it up an octave.

I haven't ever had to do this chore repeatedly before, and nobody else has reported it that I know of, so it's hardly crucial, but sometime when the to do list gets toward the bottom . . .

all best,

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