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Mark Walsen (markwa)
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Default Composer beta release version

Composer beta release version 1.9.9 is now available at:

This beta release represents a major milestone in the development of Composer 2.0. All significant new features have been added, and all significant known bugs have been fixed. If you find find bugs in this beta release, please do report them in this forum or to

If you are using any prior version of Composer, it will be necessary for you to download and install version 1.9.10. (No patches from previous beta versions are available.)

Composer beta release version 1.9.10 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Migration of settings from MidiNotate Composer. If you have not previously installed a beta release of Notation Composer 2.0, then Composer 2.0 will automatically migrate settings from your previously installed MidiNotate Composer 1.x. If you have previously installed a beta release of Notation Composer 2.0, then your program settings will be left unchanged.

General user interface.
  1. Fix the page slider control at the bottom of the window: double-clicks on the right and left buttons did nothing; now they will advance the page correctly.
  2. Improve some of the palette button images, such as for pedal, barlines, and repeats.
  3. Fix bug: the File Save As command did not update the file name displayed in the Multiple File Tab.
  4. Ignore the CAPS LOCK button when the user is typing Shift+Letter for a palette command, or typing a command shortcut; otherwise, Shift+Letter was not correctly interpreted.

Note, grace note, and ornament editing.
  1. Adding triplets and quintuplet notes is now easier. When you select a triplet or quintuplet value for the to-be-added note, the ruler automatically changes to the duration of the note.
  2. Improve editing of accidentals: when you manually add an accidental to a note, such as by typing "#" or "b", the accidental now permanetly "sticks" to the note, instead of sometimes changing when you subsequently add other notes to the same chord or before or after the note.
  3. Fix bug: ornaments of any type (trill, tremelo, etc.) could not be added. This bug was introduced in version 1.9.9.
  4. Fix bug: when a grace note was selected, the palette did not indicate whether it was a borrow-from-left or borrow-from-right type of grace note.
  5. Fix bug: when converting a grace note type from borrow-left to borrow-right, an unwanted rest was left between the grace note and note before it.
  6. The Note Selection Filter dialog (Region menu command) now lets you select any combination of staves rather than just a contiguous range of staves.

Clipboard and selection.
  1. When you select a region, the background color of the selected region will be either light blue or light red, rather than gray. The selected region will be light red if you are working with MIDI graphs; otherwise it will be light blue. This distinction in background color is intended to help you understand whether the clipboard operations on the region (copy, cut, paste) will act on the MIDI graph, or on the notes and notation.
  2. The new Paste As Extra Measures command in the Edit menu inserts new measures from the clipboard rather than overlay a destination region.
  3. The new Paste Repeated Loop command in the Edit Menu pastes the clipboard contents into a selected region multiple times, filling out until the end of the region. This is useful, for example, for repetitive percussion patterns.

  1. Fix bug: If the next song in the playlist has been deleted, then the playback of the playlist correctly displayed a message that the file is missing, but then the playback incorrectly returned to the previous rather than next song.
  2. Improve the dynamic layout of the Playlist panel.
  3. Change the shortcut for Show Playlist from qspl to qsj (Show Jukebox) to avoid conflict with the Split Hands (qsph) and Split Drums (qspld) shortcuts.

Lyrics. When you click into a lyric, the cursor is now automatically place at the end of the verse that you had previous selected.

Page text.
  1. There are two new special page text fields for current date and time.
  2. Improve the behavior of special text so that in Add Mode, you can click a special text button (eg, Song Title) and then click on the page to immediately add the field.
  3. Fix bug: the page text could be dragged off the page out of sight.

Staff setup. The Delete Staff dialog box now supports deletion of multiple staves in one command.

Barlines and measure numbers.
  1. Now when you add a dotted or dashed barline to the middle of a measure, it no longer splits the measure into two new measures with two measure numbers and possibly with two different meters. The dotted or dashed barline is just there to emphasize the rhythm division in the measure. However, if you insert other types of barlines (eg, solid or double line), then two measures are still separately created.
  2. When you are inserting a new barline, the to-be-added barline that moves around on the screen with the mouse now shows the type of barline you are about to add instead of always a double barline.
  3. The barline palette buttons for Add Barline and Shift Barlines now better represent the purposes of the commands.

Tempo. Enhance the Tempo dialog box, which comes up when you click the "d=120" tempo mark in the main toolbar. The Tempo dialog box now lets you apply a percentage tempo adjustment to the whole song, or the currently selected region. The percentage is initially set to the tempo adjustment value you used in the main toolbar.

Parts. The Print Parts command in the File menu now automatically gives you the opportunity to first extract parts, no parts have been previously extracted.

Piano roll. Fix bug: the piano roll statistics (attack and release offsets) were not displayed.

Internal Internet browser. Add a new Refresh button.

MusicXML export. Four ASCII variations of a single quote mark (left/right, single/angle quote) are now all exported as a simple single quote mark in lyrics and free text, to temporarily work around exporting bug.

-- Mark

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