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Default Re: Key Change Cancellations

Ahh, thanks, David. I was able to fix the cancellation problem by doing a rough equivalent of what you suggested. I was changing keys several times, and probably just messed up. So, not a Composer bug!!!

Originally Posted by dj View Post
At the top, I see that the Soprano line is in 4 flats, but the Alto line is in 3 flats. Is that your intention? It says here that "the Alto Recorder is a non-transposing instrument". I do see that the transposition makes sense.
You are right, David. I am a self-taught Recorder player, so when I started teaching Cynthia Soprano (descant) recorder, I bought an Alto (treble) recorder. I had no idea that traditionally the treble starts at low F, and therefore the fingering is different. I played the treble and figured it was a transposing instrument, similar to an English Horn or French Horn, so all the duets I've written for the "Learning and Teaching" sub-forum have the Alto part "incorrectly" notated as an "F" instrument. I even got politely schooled by one of our English correspondents about the treble recorder. After thanking her for the education, I added a sticky note to the L&T sub-forum explaining my error, but that I was going to continue the error of my ways, rather than go back and correct all of my previous postings. It would be interesting to know how many people use L&T as recorder players, or transpose for other instruments. Maybe I will talk to Sherry someday about running a survey.

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