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Default Re: Can't Open XML File

DOH! Thank you, Sherry. I had looked in PhotoScore (PS) for an export function. Not finding any, I sent the PS file to Sibelius, etc., etc. It never occurred to me that there was a Save As capability.

I have done the Save As XML in PS and Composer reads that file just fine, so the Sibelius massaging caused the problem Reinhold researched. And, BTW, the file in Composer is a nice fat 47 pages - doesn't go all the way to the Fine, but I have a lot more of the score. PS generated a LOT of errors, so there may be a reason all the pages didn't come through.

Now, I just need to study PS enough to change the instruments myself, instead of letting PS assign them, as the transposing instruments don't transpose, i.e., the Bb Clarinet comes through with transposed notes, but with no key signature, so it is transposed to D, but the key signature is still C. The PDF is not truly a full score, as only the staves that are playing are shown. This makes it difficult for PS to select the instruments.

But, again, thanks. I am a lot farther along than I was before.

In case you would like to see the PS XML file, I have attached it - no, I won't - it's over 17mb. If you would like a copy of the XML file and/or the Free Scores full score PDF, I will send it/them along via email.

Ralph Rayner
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