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Hi, Reinhold. I don't know if this latest reply was in response to me specifically, but if it was, please note that I did save and work with the backup file. The problem (and hopefully this will help others with the same issue) was that I had mis-uninstalled the program, which I had to do in order to proceed with the backup file. To uninstall it fully, I learned it needs to be done using the diagram I'm attaching (if it works) to this message. I understand you can't always reply immediately to people who have issues with the program, but I'm sure you do your best. We all have lives to live! I am happy to have my Composer back up and running.

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Same story again: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP

Most of the requests which we receive at the Helpdesk is where people forgot to backup the software. We have posted all over the place to store the backup zip-file to a safe external device as described in the QuickStart Guide. But looks like that still many people need to run through the painful experience of losing sensitive data before becoming active to save a backup.

Of course, we help when a ticket is opened at our Helpdesk. At our Helpdesk nothing is lost. But please understand that we do not sit there and wait to immediately react on such tickets.

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