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Default Persistent Lyrics

I'm working on a new Christmas duet. I usually start by keying in the lead line, the chords and the lyrics. Then, I continue by copying a number of measures of the Soprano part to the Alto part and change the pitches of the Alto part.

When I do this, logically the lyrics also copy. I then select the lyrics I just pasted in the Alto part. Normally, the lyrics delete okay. With this score, I have to select the lyrics and delete multiple times, until it eventually does as expected.

With the attached score, copy measures 13-16 of the Soprano part and paste them in the relative measures in the Alto part. Then select the lyrics in measures 13-16 in the Alto part and press the delete key. You might have to do this several times.

Guess what? The problem went away when I recycled Composer. So, I'll just post this as a "heads-up". Nothing worse than a problem that is not reproducible. I guess you'd have to give us a method for sending you a dump of an active, failing session, if it should happen again.

That might make a good suggestion - provide a button (in the Beta version only) for taking a dump at any given point for your investigation. That way, any anomaly could be captured.

Ralph Rayner
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