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Default Road Map Future

I can't remember if I have ever requested/suggested this, so here it goes. I arrange quit a few pieces that have repeats, Segnos and Codas. When I feel like I have the skeleton in place, I will use the QRI command to set things in place. If I decide later (as happens too frequently) to insert or delete measures, the "road map" gets set back to the default, and I have to key all of the road map back in again. This can be very complex -- a current one I working on has eight lines of instructions.

So, realizing it is probably a rather complex feature to add, I would like to see Composer either add or delete the count of those measures from lines that include the affected range of measures. If the revision is not precisely correct, at least the road map could be reviewed and corrected, rather than starting all over again. A warning to review could be issued.

Ralph Rayner
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