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Default Tempo problem on audio export

Hi, guys:

Working with Version 3.06-130, I am finding a tempo related problem with audio export.

The attached .not file is a snippet from Strauss's Kaiser Waltz that I am using as a music cue for an upcoming show.

Export to .wav and .mp3 both result in a file that appears to look only at initial tempo and ignore any subsequent tempo changes.

The actual play time of the file is 1 minute 14 seconds (or thereabouts). The .wav and .mp3 files on export are each 2:54 in length.

The audio exports are correct in terms of dynamics and voicing, but are very slow.

Export from the full release 3.06 doesn't show this problem.

I'm not sure if this is related only to this particular file, which was snipped out of the middle of a larger file. I'll continue to do some experiments.

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