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Default Audio export 3.0.6-130

Hi, guys:

Finally gotten a chance to do some work with the 130 beta.

I have some questions about the audio export.

1: Why does it default to .mp3 export each time I call up the export feature -- even if I've just exported to .wav format a minute before? It should remember the last format.

2: I see that there are separate settings for playback and export gain in the Soundfont configuration box. Should they be separate or should it be a "what you hear is what you get"? I know the idea is to make adjustment for different Soundfonts, but I can see surprises with export gain being 'way too low (or too high) in comparison to what the user has been hearing.

3. Even with export gain at the default 54%, I am getting a lot of distortion in test exports. That suggests to me that the user will have to do a lot of back and forth between gain and export in order to get it right. I've had to reduce .wav export gain to 32% (with my system volume at about 40%) before I get rid of the distortion.

It would be more work for you, I know, but may I suggest, rather than manual gain adjustment, an "auto-optimization" on export? Have the export function go through the playback (silently), find the highest level and automatically adjust the export gain to account for that. That would make it MUCH more user-friendly. If the user did not want to wait the extra few seconds, a check-box to switch the auto-optimization off before export could be provided.

That's all I've got for a Sunday morning.

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