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Default Re: Full Screen at Startup


Correct. The software saves the latest position when it shuts down in this Registry section
WindowPos: REG_SZ 0,1,01,01,01,01,08,08,1688,1018
for the next launch. The previous position here was at (left, top, right, bottom) = (08,08,1688,1018).

Fyi - available with 3.0.6-116 I added a change when more than one monitor is used: in case a second monitor is switched off in a next launch of the software and the previous position was on the switched-off monitor, then software ignores the current Registry settings and opens on the available screen in full mode.

Ralph, please check if the recommmendation of David works. If you see a different behaviour, we need to activate a trace to see what happens.


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