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Default Re: Volksliedchen - Small Orchestra

Thank you, David.

Originally Posted by dj View Post
You start the cellos in bass clef and then have a mid-bar change to tenor clef at bar 5. Was that your intent or an artifact?
Ha-ha! You caught me there! This score is from about 55 years ago. I faithfully transcribed my score into Composer, and that's the way it was scored. I have no idea why I didn't start out in tenor clef. Truth be told, I had probably never seen a tenor clef symbol until that semester.

I was a small town country boy who could barely read treble clef when I started at Berklee. Most of my playing experience was "faking it" in trios and quartets in Ice Cream Parlors, Elk's Clubs, etc. - eventually in Night Clubs and Bars. I was pretty good at hearing a tune and quickly memorizing it and playing it on demand. But written music - that was another story altogether.

I agree with the profs - doing orchestrations is an excellent way to break down a piano piece, or other small instrumentations, and learn an awful lot about composition. At the top end of orchestrations, I truly marvel at the orchestration done by Maurice Ravel of Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition".

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