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Default Volksliedchen - Small Orchestra

From time to time, as a change of pace from my usual musical activities, I dip back into my musical past in an attempt to relearn much of what I have forgotten over the years.

As Composition Majors at Berklee, we would be given work projects to expand our knowledge and improve our skills. To this end, we were assigned a classical piano piece to be orchestrated with an instructor-assigned instrumentation. One drawback to this instructional approach was that we only ever got to hear the orchestrations in our heads, as they were never performed. Queue Notation Composer! Now, after all of these years, I can get an opportunity to hear my efforts. I make no claim that my efforts represent a good orchestration. I offer it only as a view to how to orchestrate.

“Volksliedchen” by Robert Schuman was one of my assignments. Schuman wrote this piece for his children, and if my ragged German supports me, this translates to “A Folk Song for Children” (is this reasonable, Reinhold?).

I have included dynamics in the score, but I have not done any balancing within the parts.

Here is a link to a free French version of “Volksliedchen”, in case you are interested in seeing the original piano piece. I hope this will be of value to some Forum readers.

Ralph R. Rayner
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