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Default Re: Virtual midi cables

Can someone please explain more about MIDI VIRTUAL CABLES please?
I have for long been delayed in going into trying to use Garritan for many reasons, and have not purchased it as yet. I did get a copy of another player, whose name I cannot recall.....the name seemed very odd and humorous to me .......anyways..........when I tried to import my Notation scores into it and convert them using the "instruments" available, it all seemed way to difficult to get a decent sound out of it to suit my own scores. I ended up scuttling back to just playing and recording the my scores as played by Notation Composer into "Audacity" recording software, then saving them as Mp3 and wav files. Although they play through my soundcard , they fail the "Real Instrument " sound test miserably.
It is so frustrating to know that there is a better alternative to being able to record my music to sound REAL, and not to fully comprehend what I need to do to take advantage of what is available out there. That is what prompted me to try and learn about how to make my midi files sound more like REAL INSTRUMENTS were playing my music.

From what I understand thus far, one needs this Midi Cable "virtual software" to act as the "carrier or Porter" of a midi file into say Garritan Aria.
I gather that means that the virtual cable acts as a "linking piece of software", without which no transfer can take place from one application to the other?
However, that is where the matter of trying to understand WHAT the limits are if any of the particular MIDI VIRTUAL CABLE one chooses to install.

I note that Sherry refers to using "Free LoopBe1" as a midi virtual cable. I am using Win10 and Notation 3.4 and I am somewhat stalled at trying to comprehend what I need to do once I have installed say Garritan Private Orchestra and LoopBe1.

For example, do I simply bring up my already completed Notation scores and import them into the Garritan Aria Player interface onscreen, as is, then select which SINGLE NAME Instrument bank from Garritan I want to apply to each Stave in my score?
There is the likely additional problem (which I guess I create for myself), in that I use Notation's inbuilt ability to switch from one "sound" to the next even within a stave, and I can only begin to imagine what that might mean if using Garritan requires me to go into my scores and in some Staves, have to alter each and every instrument or sound or embellishment change. I have watched Sherry's video, and she does a great job, but it is not interactive which means that some things she speaks of from her own experience as her common knowledge, cannot be put to question so as to better try and ensure understanding fully what is meant.
I think perhaps I might be asking too much and that asking for more insight on this forum about this topic is not really a fair thing to do as it would likely require an endless amount of too-ing and fro-ing to get the message across to me that I need. I guess it might well require the kind of presenter to listener interaction one can only get from attending a live or online real time seminar or training session on the topic where what I am hoping to do per se, using the tools I am actually using, is dealt with.
Hmmm!........... think I'll end it there for now and see if anyone has the time or inclination to communicate with me further.
I can hear in my head what my music SHOULD SOUND LIKE if played by a full band, but I cannot deliver it to myself, and in turn can thus not deliver it as intended to my audience out there in Mp3 Downloadland !
I hope that some fellow members reading this might get to understand what I mean by listening to samples of my upload music and song at :- sounds like ALL MIDI, and deserves to sound much much better to do justice to my music.

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