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Hallo, David

The Ketron has trad 5 pin midi sockets, and I'm using a USB-midi cable which I've used happily for a number of years.
If I understand what you're saying, the USB-midi cable could be the problem? I guess the only way to know would be to get another (good one) and try it.

But logically, I think there would still need to be some 'proximate' cause to account for the problem arising with some softwares (2, at the moment, of which the other is always a 'distinct beast' in terms of midi set-up) ) and not with others (3 that I've tried, one being also from the Notation stable) ?

I've held off further input today because I believe Sherry is a 'church person'. I will update more thoroughly some tim tomorrow.

Thanks for your 2p.

Ian G.
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