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Hallo, Sherry

I can't speak for 'all' midi files. I've used two that happened to be part of my current activity flow, and had rather different ensembles. But I would point out again that these same files play happily in other softwares. I can now add Midi-Illustrator to the list like your Player, it picked up the midi set-up without any detailed configuring and plays the same files cleanly through the Ketron. So I really doubt it is a file-specific issue.

Also, although as I've explained, I've been switching between softwares, I always close one before opening another. And I have simply restarted the notebook from time to time.

I have also been into the registry and cleaned out 'midi-n' entries, back to just a single 'midi' entry.

Each time I 'do something', I tend to go first to 'the other' software to check that it is still working, and then close it and try NC again.
It has got so even the ' test' scale is (a) not piano and (b) not really a scale.

I'm not really pointing the finger at Composer, well, not totally. (NC is far the best software I know for what I want to do, and it is intended to do what I want to do ! And I've just bought a second copy !)

The Ketron itself can be a peculiar beast.

But the way 3 applications play this set-up like a dream, and two others clearly 'don't like it', puzzles me considerably.

Might it be worth uninstalling NC entirely and re-installing ?


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