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Default 'dirty' midi

I would very much like to use Notation Composer as my go-to software for actually playing midi files, as well as editing and preparing them.
Using Notation has the advantage that I can also have in the same file, visible but muted, either a piano score or at least score prompts which will show as a good-class visual display, and scroll with the backing.

I have a Ketron SD2 which I want to use as the sound source for my 'backings'.
I have all this physically set up, with a newly-bought second copy of Composer on a little notebook computer beside my piano keyboard. I also have the set-up in Notation, and the test scale playing on the Ketron. But when I play a file, there is sound, but not cleanly flowing, nor clean sounding - like a radio broadcast from an-imperfectly tuned station.

By way of comparison, I have the identical set-up in another software (which does not have a notation display), and that will play the identical file perfectly.

Can you give me any clue what the problem might be, and how I might solve it ? (I have been round the 'reconfigure' route several times, and that hasn't cleared the problem.)


Ian G.
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