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Default notation composer and Dorico from Steinberg

Dorico from Steinberg is available for purchase as of Wednesday, Oct. 19th 2016. Notation Software users will use Dorico in a similar way as Sibelius and Finale where Notation Software's strengths in MIDI transcription and real-time recording will be used with the high end graphical processing capabilities of Dorico.
MusicXML export of notation composer will be the interface to Dorico.

In order to proactively verify this interworking between notation composer and Dorico we have setup a directed communication path to the Dorico team. As part of this relation I received a pre-version of Dorico and ran MusicXML export tests in the past weeks. The results are very good and the MusicXML export impressively imports into Dorico. Issues have been communicated to the Dorico team and we will continue using this communication path to verify this interface. Please use this thread to add and report your findings and feedback.


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