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Default Some fall fun for a grey morning

Hi, all:

Most of you don't know the hard work that Sherry Crann puts in daily to keep this forum flowing but, as a moderator, I see a lot of the backstage stuff and it's been especially heavy this last few weeks.

Anyway, I'm tired of looking at spam in the morning, so I'll post something cheerful and fun.

We're about a month off of opening a musical that I first wrote nearly thirty years ago, but which I've totally re-written for a new production this fall.

Death & Taxes, The Musical
is about a small town struggling to survive in the modern world.

Here's a love song from the second act, when the love interests (such as it is) finally get together. In the score, it's to be played "Fred and Ginger-ly", so you can get an idea of the spoof that it is.

Oh! If you look at the Conductor's Score part in Page View, you'll need to set your printer setup to a Tabloid size (11 X 17) before you do, otherwise it can crunch everything down and cause hiccups. It's set up to print to a PDF file, which we then took to a printer who can handle the large size.

And, by the way, love really does only rhyme with five other words.

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