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Default Notation Software on Windows XP

Despite the support for Windows XP had been discontinued by Microsoft in April 2014, our plans are to support Notation Composer 3, Notation Musician 3 and Notation Player 3 as long as possible on Windows XP.

Windows XP needs to be on Service Pack 3 (SP3) which was released in April 2008.

Windows XP SP1 from 2001 and Windows XP SP2 from 2004 are not supported anymore by our software. At a certain point in time in the future - we do not know yet when - we have to discontinue the support of Windows XP, too. We will use this thread to inform you well in advance.

My general comment: Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft since 2 years now (as of April, 29th 2016). Using Windows XP for browsing may cause serious issues. Please be aware.

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