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Thank you, Sherry. I have incorporated all of your suggestions and have reposted the score.

The Clavinova was not involved. This was all done using your native Notation Composer on a Windows 7 PC. When I am making the final "sound" touches, I will connect to my Clavinova to try to improve the sound levels, etc.

This type of exercise is very beneficial. At Berklee, this was one of the Arranging Class requirements -- take a big band track you liked and copy as much of it as you can. This one was a lot easier than big band, as I only had the six horns to deal with. When there are four trumpets, five saxes and four trombones playing in ensemble, it is really "best guess" as to what the voicings might be. You try to capture the chord sound associated with each note, and that can really be a bear. A lot of that depends on how the players are set up in the recording studio. Fortunately, this piece was quite linear with a lot of doublings -- not as hard to pick out as the voiced passages. Although I really enjoyed trying to figure out the voicings of the ensemble play in the bridge at Rehearsal Mark E17, with the lead staying at one pitch and the voices underneath the lead moving throughout the chord structure. For this part, I simply voiced the top four horns in four-way voicings with the trombone and bari doubling the first two voices down an octave.

Ralph Rayner
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