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Hi Ralph,

As always you never cease to amaze me. To pick out this entire score by ear like you have is pretty astounding!

I'm saving this for my practice time, comments about bass lines and drums being dull to listen to notwithstanding

I made a couple of changes to the file that I downloaded to make it more Notation Software Synth friendly. I'm thinking you probably composed this while using your Clavinova and all it's awesome sounds

  1. After opening the file, I opened Staff/Setup
  2. Clicked the Device header, and in the dialog box that came up, I selected "Notation Software Synth" as the device, and "General MIDI" as the MIDI bank. This just makes sure that all instruments will play on the default internal synth for most users.
  3. I then noticed that I could not hear the drums, and saw that "Drums" volume in the Staff/Setup was set to 1. Since the "Drums" and "Drums (Work)" staves both share the same channel, the volume setting of "1" was affecting both staves. I know you mentioned that you use the "Drums (Work)" for the actual sound and the "Drums" staff for the printout. There are a few different ways that this situation could be handled.
    • Copy the volume Graph from the "Drums (Work)" staff on to the "Drums" staff, but set all the velocities of the "Drums" staff to 1, which you'd already done. (The volume settings affect anything on a given channel; the note velocities affect individual notes.) I did this and it sounded great to me
    • Change the channel for the "Drums" staff to an unused channel, although it looks like for this piece you've used up all 16 channels for a single device If you do change the channel number, you'll just have to be sure that the noteheads are set for percussionists
    • Change the assigned device for the "Drums" staff to a different device, and keep that device off during playback.
Cool file, and well done. Thanks for sharing this with us

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