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Default Giveaway of the Day - free MP3 conversion software

Hi friends,

A personal post here (not an official Notation Software UG post).

"Giveaway of the Day" is - for the next 16 hours - offering "MP3 Toolkit 1.1" free as part of their daily giveaway program. This software will convert WAV files to mp3 (I've just tested it successfully), so that you can convert the .wav files that you can export with Notation Composer 3 into mp3 files if you want.

Please note that this software typically is a "pay for" program because of the licensing fees for mp3 technology. Giveaway of the Day is a promotional website designed to give software developers a way to let folks get a free license for a short period of time in order to promote their software.

If you would like to check this program out, you can visit their website at

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