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Lightbulb No sound in Windows 8 or 8.1

Hi friends,

We seem to be getting more users who are having the issue of not having sound when they install notation musician 3 or notation composer 3. They report not having the GS Wavetable (our default MIDI playback device) show up in the Setup/MIDI Device Configuration options.

Many audio/MIDI forums have lamented the continued removal of MIDI device handling in the Windows operating system over the years, and that trend seems to be continuing as Reinhold alluded to in a previous thread.

We have found a few ways to work around this issue, and wanted to post them here for general consumption

The GS Wavetable disappears after updating Windows from 8.0 to 8.1

1. Left-click the Windows “Start” button and select “Control Panel”
2. In the Control Panel “Search” box, type “Device manager”
3. Click on “Device Manager”
4. Click on the “Sound, video and game controllers” to list the audio devices.
5. Right-click on each audio device and select “Uninstall” in the menu. Confirm the message with “Ok.”
6. After all the audio devices are uninstalled, restart Windows. On restart, Windows “remembers” that the audio equipment must be re-installed and automatically starts the driver installation. After this, the “GS Wavetable Synth” should again be available.
GS Wavetable has disappeared or never was present

We have had a couple of customers who reported that installing the free LoopBe1 virtual MIDI cable restored or brought up the GS Wavetable. You can find the LoopBe1 at

Install a standalone MIDI synth

For some folks neither of the above solutions brought back the GS Wavetable. The good news is that there are free MIDI synths available out there that will serve the purpose even better than the GS Wavetable. One that some of our users recommend is Coolsoft's Virtual MIDI Synth. It does not require a virtual MIDI cable, and is free. You can find it at It does require a sound font to function, but you can find links to free ones on their website as well as in our forum here with a search for "sound fonts".

Another good one is SynthFont from It does require a virtual MIDI cable (see above LoopBe1), but you can find instructions and links for that at this thread.

Of course there are other solutions (eg. connecting a keyboard or synth to your computer), but the above are easily implemented solutions for any machine.

Please feel free to share any solutions that you have come up with as well

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