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Smile Re: Thank you and new stuff.

Dave, I think you got it... the al s and al c is total Greek to me. Basically if you take a look at your amendment; measure 125 goes to measure 140 back to 125, which goes to measure 132, then skips to measure 41 (at least that was as I intended). About the ending, looks good to me accept measure 170,171,172 are playing way too fast; as I said before it was an accident, just fooling around, and it stuck. The ending was/is suppose to be played at a slowly decreasing speed as you go along, and the rest of the piece isn't as rigid as it looks on paper either; it's played more freely, with feeling (slow and fast in different spots). Oh... and one question. As I was transcribing for condensing; I noticed a lot accidentals in the piece. This led me to do all the key signature changes to remove them. Is this common? I have seen one or two in a piece, but not quite as many as I have in this one.
Thank you!
James R.
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