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Default Re: Thank you and new stuff.

Hello, Lavajunkie:

It's very hard to interpret another composer's musical ideas from a rough sketch, but the attached edited Composer file seems to make musical sense to me within the parameters of your composition.

I tried to find your implied downbeats and adjusted the placement and durations of the notes in the last section to follow the meter more precisely. I also changed the low B in bar 178 to be a lower voice note, clarifying its longer duration.

I deleted the empty bars at the end that weren't needed and there was a spurious end barline at bar 179 that I adjusted to a single barline.

For clarity, I changed your instruction at bar 140 to read "D.C. al coda" and adjusted the two coda marks to be over their corresponding barlines.

I removed the unneeded segno at bar 125 as there was no corresponding Del Segno to lead to it.

And finally, I added a brace to the piano system.

Is that closer to what you were intending?

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