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Default Re: Notation and Halion Sonic

Hi, Vandy:

I don't know the Halion Sonic software specifically, but what you'll probably need to do is install a software midi port that will act as your "go-between" from Composer to the Halion VSTi.

I use two different ones. LoopBe is available here: and Midi Yoke is here:

Either are simply pieces of software that redirect MIDI output from one piece of software to another.

In the case of Halion Sonic, it looks like it is a stand-alone workstation, so direct your output from Composer (through the MIDI Device Configuration window) to the software midi port of your choice, then the input of Halion to receive from the same port and set the channels as needed.

If you have latency problems, you may want to experiment with ASIO4All ( which can help. I'm not sure if Halion supports or needs it, though.

As to Microsoft's Wavetable synth, it's very good, for a hangover from Windows 95. Disable it in Composer's MIDI Device Configuration and never think of it again.

Good luck.

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