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Default Notation and Halion Sonic

Is there a way to use Halion Sonic stand alone VST to generate
midi within Notation? It has hundreds of sounds.

Second question. My computers all run thru a Steinberg Digital 824 audio interface that has it's own drivers. I have a MIDI keyboard with limited sounds. So my choice is use Wavetable for the limited sounds it generates or use keyboard to generate limited MIDI sounds. How can I bypass Wavetable, still use the Steinberg interface as output, and use some other whatever to generate MORE sounds than what these two options provide. When I go thru Wavetable the latency is terrible when trying to play notes into Notation. I've tried different buffer settings to no avail. If I could somehow configure Halion Sonic to work as the "go between" between the keyboard and the output, and bypass Wavetable, utilize all the sounds in Halion Sonic, and have it somehow interface with Notation, man that would be pretty cool. Maybe I'm asking too much but if you can think it sometimes you can do it. Any ideas on how to make this work or is it not possible?
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