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Default Re: roland keyboard BK5 -USB connection

The issue that this Roland BK-5 keyboard is not detected by Composer 3 is resolved in the software version 3.0.2. The software version 3.0.2 is currently in beta testing and rolandva7 has received this beta version as a beta user.

We increasingly see modern keyboards on the market where the keyboard detection mechanism of the software versions 2.6.3 and version 3.0.1 are not capable to detect those keyboards adequately. We have enhanced the software of version 3 to meet those requirements. This software enhancement will be available in 3.0.2.
Our plans are that version 3.0.2 will be available in March this year. An update from the current version 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 will be for free.

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