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Default Re: Using ASIO4ALL to bring down latency


Originally Posted by arslan1 View Post
I’m using an AKAI EWI-USB that work with Aria by Garritan. When using windows the latency problem is bad which is why I have to use asio4all. Aria will recognize it as an audio device. I could not find anywhere were Notation can recognize the ASIO device. Obviously I tried Sherry’s suggestion but it did not work for me. And to use the EWI without and ASIO driver is close to impossible because of the latency.
There will be no ASIO visible in Composer. What you will want to do, though, is:
  • turn off the GS Wavetable - Setup -> MIDI Device Configuration -> Port -> Select Ports, and UNcheck the box beside it.
  • if you have not already, install LoopBe1 (free from
  • Set the Akai unit as the "MIDI In" device. You won't actually need to set anything specifically unless you have multiple input devices all on simulataneously. Composer automatically detects MIDI in and will use that for recording.
  • Set LoopBe1 as the default MIDI Out.
  • In Aria, Set LoopBe1 as the MIDI In.
  • Make sure that the channel assignments for the staff setup(s) in Composer match the channel assignments in the Aria player for the loaded instruments that you want to use. There is a tutorial video specifically about Garritan Libraries and the Aria player at

The above should get you going. Please review the video at for full details about getting going with the Aria player and Garritan libraries.

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