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Default Re: Trouble with GPO


Originally Posted by dai phan View Post

I tried to set up GPO with NC as instructed but I cannot get any sounds to play back. The NC did recorded the data but no sound when played back. Please advise. Thanks Dai
If you're using LoopBe, make sure it is not muted. Sometimes a MIDI file will contain spurious MIDI controller events, or if both the IN and OUT are "on" for Composer, it can cause a feedback loop in LoopBe which will trigger the Mute to "on".

If the LoopBe Mute was "on", check in Composer's Setup->MIDI Device Configuration -> Internal 1 (or whatever LoopBe is called in your setup) and see if it is set as both In and Out. If it is set for both, then click on Ports -> Select Ports, and UNCHECK it in the "IN" side.

Hopefully the above tips will work for you. If not, you may want to review the tutorial videos on "Virtual MIDI Cable Installation" and "Getting Started With Garritan Libraries". And you can always ask questions here

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