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Smile Re: News of note

Thanks David It was indeed a good one, if a bit bittersweet.

I got to spend my birthday with my Mom in North Carolina for the first time in many years. We had a very good day, and she took me to a restaurant that had excellent sushi, which I really enjoy but is a very rare treat for me. However, I was there because I was helping her work through the associated paperwork after my father's passing. He had been in declining health for some time, but he went faster than we anticipated (actually I think nearly all folks do). He went peacefully, though, with Mom at his side at the hospice facility, and we can rejoice that he is no longer suffering and in pain (he'd had a heart attack, 3 major strokes and many "mini" events, and an accident necessitating a hip replacement all within the last 3 years).

I'm now home, and was greeted with a nice steak dinner and dark chocolate cake with no frosting - my favorite (there were vegetables, too ). My family (husband and four teenagers) seem pretty happy to have me home after two weeks. We'll see how long that lasts with the teens

So let's all enjoy our families while we can - we never know when we will lose the privilege. Give 'em all a hug from me, too

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