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Actually I wish this would happen automatically to most folks who use a keyboard synth

The reason I wish it would happen is that we typically have to tell users to turn off the GS Wavetable synth while they're using a keyboard, especially if it is for recording purposes. Most folks use ASIO driver(s) of some type to record because it gives them zero latency. The GS Wavetable interferes with that, and causes latency which makes the sound come out almost a half second after you've pressed the key.

So, this is the first time that I've heard of where the GS Wavetable just disappeared like that. That said, we certainly wouldn't want Composer knocking out other MIDI devices wantonly.

Please try the following:

  1. Take a look in Setup/MIDI Devices Configuration (the big one) and see if the GS Wavetable shows up there (I'm not sure which location you were looking before).
  2. If you do not see the GS Wavetable listed there, please click on the "Port" menu item in that dialog, then "Select Ports" and see if it shows up in the "Output Ports" (right hand side) list.
If it is in the list and unchecked, you can simply check the box when you want to use it again.

Also, which version are you using? (eg. 2.6.3 or 3.0 or ...) I'm asking because we did a lot of work in the MIDI device area for 3.0 and if this is a problem showing up in an earlier version then it may have been fixed with the 3.0 release. If you're using an earlier version, you may want to test the trial version of 3.0 to see if it still happens.

Looking forward to hearing back the results.

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