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Default Using Korg PS60

I have a Korg PS60 synthesizer - when I connect it to my computer and try to use it with Notation Composer I find that the 'onboard' Wavetable Synth (Windows 7-64) disappears as a choice and I contacted Korg - this is their reply:

Having looked further into this issue, I have found the exact same issue you describe in Composer. However, it seems that it is a problem caused by Composer itself. I have created screenshots of the MIDI preferences window of other programs and they can all correctly see the KORG USB MIDI Driver as well as the built-in Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth without any issues.

Obviously it doesn't happen with other programs - anyone have an idea how to circumvent this as I would like to be able to revert to Wavetable Synth at some time?
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