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Hi David,

You said:

“Everything in its place has always been my philosophy.”

This is ultra conservative. Who is to decide about what and about whom, to say what the right place is. Unrestricted creativity has taken mankind out of “living in caves”, to a highly advanced state of today and hopefully ever advancing.

The heritage of music we enjoy is not actual music, but instructions on how to perform a musical work, written in symbolic form, Notation. The Notation can be used by ordinary musicians for an instantaneous performance, or by midi musicians to produce midi files for performance. The results are often indistinguishable if done by experienced operators. To get closer results, a good method is the placement of the speakers, as indicated in the article.

You said:

I would be surprised if a production of Wagner could achieve the needed results with synthesized playback -- the immediacy of response would be lacking.”

In a real opera performance, there is no feedback from the singers to the orchestra. It is all under the conductors control, the orchestra and the singers. The midi orchestra conductor would have full control over the midi orchestra. This is different from a straight recording of the orchestral music.

Large orchestras have many problems. One problem is that musicians are likely to have their hearing damaged. I would not want to be a musician in a Wagner performance, sitting in front of the trombones.

This could be a very long discussion. I try not to be tempted.

Best wishes,

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