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Default Re: "Red Snapper" (Live In Studio) - The Airmen Of Note featuring Bobby Shew

Howdy Ralph,

Originally Posted by rrayner View Post
I thought the performance by the Note was very mechanical and unemotional, until Tyler Kuebler (lead alto) responded to Bobby Shew's remark by saying, "That was the first time we played it." WOW!! Cold sightread for this very complex chart! Wuff! What more can I say -- we know this guys are in a class by themselves.
That is the absolute truth!
I was listening to the video and had much the same reaction. I've watched a number of their videos (and have all the recordings I can get my hands on) and these guys are simply amazing.

Just for kicks a while back I picked up their "Bass tryout package". From some classical bass pieces to various other genres, solo as well as comp, written as well as ad lib, arco and pizz - it was a demanding ball of wax
They rock (and swing ), and inspire me to work harder at what I do, too

Thanks for introducing me to the Note, Ralph. I hope others enjoy them too.

Music is to the soul like water is to green growing things.
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