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Default "Red Snapper" (Live In Studio) - The Airmen Of Note featuring Bobby Shew

For those of you who might not know, the "Airmen of Note" are the jazz band contingent of the USAF Band, stationed in Washington, DC.

Below is a link to a relatively current video of the Note.

It kind of starts out like the Note is just warming up, with Bobby and the rhythm just jamming, but then it opens up to full ensemble.

The personnel are listed as:

Bobby Shew, composer. Don Menza, arranger. Saxophones: Tyler Kuebler (lead), Andy Axelrad, Ted Baker, Grant Langford, Doug Morgan. Trumpets: Brian MacDonald (lead), Kevin Burns, Tim Leahey, Luke Brandon. Trombones: Ben Patterson (lead), Jeff Martin, Kevin Cerovich, Ben Polk (bass). Rhythm: Geoff Reecer (guitar), Steve Erickson (piano), Cameron Kayne (bass), David McDonald (drums). Featuring Bobby Shew, flugelhorn.

I thought the performance by the Note was very mechanical and unemotional, until Tyler Kuebler (lead alto) responded to Bobby Shew's remark by saying, "That was the first time we played it." WOW!! Cold sightread for this very complex chart! Wuff! What more can I say -- we know this guys are in a class by themselves.

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