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Default Re: Opera with notation composer! Really!

Recordings: eventually, but I dont' know that they'll be publicly available from the workshop in November. The workshop is partly development, but also partly to bring backers in. We're out of the realm of the poor musician/composer in control, here!

I'm also reminded of a quote to the effect that a thermonuclear bomb is the only thing that can destroy more money in a single event than music theatre. Even the workshop with a skeletal cast would have to run to over $10,000, I shudder (not my money)!! (All professional: Conductor, director, narrator, 4 soloists, 8 chorus, string quartet, double bass, piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn, trombone, bass drum+cymbals, stage crew, lighting and sound, theatre space, five days workup, two full rehearsals, one invited performance. At times I wake up in a cold sweat and check the scores yet again....)

Tim Fatchen
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