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Default Re: Some questions about Composer.

Hi John,

You seem to be in a similar situation, as I am. My wife Margaret is a dramatic Soprano, well trained in opera, Lieder, church music, but also sings operetta musicals and light entertainment. I have produced a lot of backing tracks for public performances and for rehearsals mainly for Margaret but also for others. We ( you and I) have the unique opportunity to tailor the backing, to suit the singer. This is an art in itself.

I own all current Garritan libraries and a few others. I have given up on VSThost a long time ago. My software setup is Composer, Loop midi and Bidule as the VST host. As you work with Composer, you will find that this software has a lot of depth. Though there is at least one shortcomings, from my point of view. Composer does not have a full set of CCs. I am told that this will be corrected soon. So I hope. My way out is to use Cubase 7.5, which I have on my computer, just for the occasion, when Composer will not do.

Composer does not limit the instruments you can use. It is the processing power of your computer that will slow you down. In any case, using midi orchestration will require far less instruments than employing a real orchestra.

Over past centuries orchestras grew in size, to cater for larger and larger audiences in larger and larger concert halls. It was not an attempt to solve the unemployment. By increasing a concert hall in size, you need to increase the volume level for the public to enjoy the concert at the back of the hall. To double the volume at the back of the concert hall, you need to employ four times as many musicians. It is different today. With an audio amplification system you only need to turn up the volume control. GPO has realistic sounding violin sections. To increase its size, you just turn up the volume level. The GPO violin section requires only one staff. Many sample instrument create a muddy sound.

Best wishes,

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