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Default Re: Some questions about Composer.

Hi Sherry,

That was quick! Thank you.

Originally Posted by Sherry C View Post
Composer lets you work on each cc by selecting to view it using the Graph Over Notes tab, and editing one at a time. Viewing multiple types at the same time is not yet supported.
Ah! I often find that drawing in one controller, e.g. after touch, whilst comparing it with another, e.g. expression, is very useful. I.e. as expression gets to its maximum vibrato gradually comes in.

As long as you have enough memory (should not be a problem at all) and a large enough monitor, you should not have any problems as there is no "cap" on the number of staves you can have.
That's good, so far I haven't managed more than forty or so. It's surprising how quickly they add up when one adds e.g. a solo instrument above the group samples for extra realism. Strings instantly jump from five to ten tracks (or more) for example.

No cap on the number you can use.
That's good, I have six Maple MIDI ports defined on my PC.

As you probably already know, the only thing you'll want to be sure of is to switch off the GS Wavetable.

We do have a couple of video tutorials that you may be interested in on setting up Garritan Libraries and virtual MIDI cable (to communicate with them). You can find those in the Tutorial Videos section.
I took a quick look at those and maybe I'll revisit them.
I currently use Maple MIDI and VSThost with XGworks, then multiple copies usually of ARIA, but some others too.

Please feel free to ask away if you have any further questions
Thank you.
Kind regards,
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