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Question Some questions about Composer.

Hi all,

A question from a prospective purchaser of Composer.

As a long time user of XGworks, and having more recently moved to using a variety of Garritan and other libraries for creation of classical music backing tracks for my wife, an operatic mezzo, I am wondering if Notation Composer may be of some help to me.

I like the idea of being able to draw in MIDI controllers in line with the notation as shown in the product description. As I'm sure many will know, e.g. GPO, JABB, COMB use a lot of controllers to refine playback. XGworks lets me adjust just 3 at a time in either staff view or PRV, and only allows access to the most commonly used. A definite limitation since many Garritan libraries use some obscure CCs.

I work primarily from notation (usually the conductors score) and from time to time create files that may have as many as 40 instruments and therefore sequencer tracks. Is Composer able to support this many tracks and view them on screen (with scrolling up and down, of course)?

To support this many tracks I use 3 or more MIDI ports with various MIDI channels, via different ports, going to different virtual instruments. How many simultaneously usable MIDI ports can Composer support?

I use an ageing EMU 1616m PCMCIA card with its excellent ASIO drivers for the audio.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,
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