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Default Re: different instruments?

Hi Krevez,

Depending on what version of Finale you have it may actually have a soundfont that you can use with something like CoolSoft or SynthFont, as David has explained below, and therefore use the sounds that you're used to (along with a boat load of other available sounds ). (Older versions of Finale used a soundfont, as opposed to more recent versions.)

According to the MakeMusic website support area (specifically*.sf2-files), you should be able to find the soundfont at:
C:\Program Files\[Your Finale program folder]\Audio Support (Component Files pre 2011). It will have an "sf2" file suffix.

At that point, you can just copy it over to whatever folder you want to keep soundfonts in, and go from there.

We have some Tutorial Videos that may help you out as well. You can find those at

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