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Default Re: different instruments?

Hi, Krevez:

What version of Finale did you have?

Finale Notepad, as I understand, has a built-in General Midi synthesizer as its default device. I'm afraid you can't use Finale's built-in synth for Composer -- it's part of Finale and not separable.

Notation Composer doesn't have a built-in synth, rather requires use of something like Microsoft GS Wavetable synth (which is built into every Windows installation) or 3rd party sound-sources, such as a software synth/soundfont player or an external keyboard/synthesizer.

The Microsoft GS synth is immediately accessible for use in Composer -- it should be part of your system by default. It is, at best, marginal in quality, but many people find it to be useable.

However, try looking for a 3rd party software alternative. Coolsoft ( is one I've recommended and Synthfont ( is used by many here on this forum.

You may also need a virtual midi port to get Composer and the new sound engines talking to one another. Try MidiYoke ( While you're there, download MidiOx, which is one of the most useful midi tools around. All free!

The chain is then Notation Composer Midi Out --> MidiYoke Port (whichever one of 8 possibles you want) In ---> (whichever software synth you choose) Midi In. The virtual midi port is like a pipe; you put midi into its input and midi comes out of its output at the other end, all within the computer.

Once you get those up and running, you'll have access to many more sounds than the standard General Midi set that is built into the Finale Notepad software. Not knocking Finale; it's a good product but at US $600 for the top end, it's expensive.

Good luck.

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