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Djim Tio (djimtio)
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Default Hi David Ooooh...I can see it

Hi David
Ooooh...I can see it clearly now ( used to be a hit tune some time ago ).
The more complicated the song ,the more VC has to "work", the more...etc.
Thanks for the other suggestions,but thatīs getting out of my scope I am afraid.I was just trying out establishing a connection between Notation Composer/Musician and the ( rather new ) MIDI IN feature of Synthfont (the stand alone version) and his stripped off " little brother " Syfon ( still in beta )a Midi Port Player ,accepting ( large ) Soundfont banks and instruments,VSTeff and VST inst etc.
I got the latter working with NC/M, but only when playing good/profesionnally made midi files,though.
Thanks again and regards
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